Sunday, January 27, 2008

Residence DuParc, Turin.

That's where I stayed during my recent trip to Italy. It Residence DuParc is somewhat of an extended stay hotel - apartments instead of rooms, and pretty tidy ones at that.

Not my pic - from the hotel website.

The lobby is not bad looking - apart from the uncovered poured concrete walls and ceilings. Made it look a bit cold. Parking is, as is in Europe, tight. Just as well we had a wee tiny car.

It's located near the river, and, I'm guessing about 20 minutes walk from the center of the city. I'm not sure, and it certainly was not a problem, but judging by some of the ladies that were across the street at night, there may have been a couple of assumed red lights in the area.

The apartments were large, clean and mine had some nice Alpine views. Furniture was retro 70's - plastic chairs and shiny stuff. The restaurant, while not owned by the hotel, is really really good, but, I'm told, normally requires reservations. (We did not reserve, and it wasn't a problem). More on that on the main blog about Turin.

Breakfast was a non-event - certainly nothing like the Central Park Hotel in Modena. All that was on offer was coffee, croissants, and excellent freshly squeezed blood orange juice.

Oh, and my apartment had 2 bathrooms. Why? Well, so I can have a choice! Life is all about choices, even in Italy.

Not the best hotel I stayed in, but a long way from the worst. I'd stay here again.

The lounge in the apartment. Note the Moretti on the table.

A fully unused kitchen

A messy bedroom

And a mirror with a parrot on it.

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