Friday, January 18, 2008

COBO roof parking - or lack of!

You know, I'm trying to avoid being a whiner. But some things do annoy me.

As the post below might indicate, I went to the Detroit Auto Show. It was an Industry Preview day - not too busy, but busy enough.

So, we wanted to park, as I always do, on Cobo roof. It's a great location - it was just this time last year I discovered it, and use it now for all event parking - SAE, hockey - it's real convenient for the Joe, and, I thought, the Auto show.

So, off we go down Congress - we see it's blocked off before the roof parking ramp. No problem - I guessed it was just a decent way to control traffic. So off we go around a block and get to the ramp - only to find that they were only letting cars with monthly passes in. What???

Cobo - you're hosting the event - at least let us use your parking lot!!!!!!! We ended up parking somewhere else - not too far away, but it just all annoyed me. Oh well.

The lot should be open for the regular public event.

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