Thursday, November 15, 2007

D-Bar-A Scout Ranch - Another fun weekend - this time in November

We recently took a weekend at the scout ranch - been here many times before - and as always, it was good. The weather was a wee bit cold, but overall it was nice. We were guests of another pack - who were attempting to introduce us to the fun of boy scouting 9instead of cub scouting). It worked.
We had a great time hiking (for miles), eating plants that look inedible, and eating (or avoiding eating) semi-cooked chicken.

Nice reflections..

Yep. It's Jack Lord of Hawaii Five-O. Apparently he donated a load of the land to the BSA.

The dreaded Pedro Trail - Feared amongst Boys Scouts.

We ended the Saturday evening by building some trebuchets (or Scout Catapults) to launch water balloons at each other. Below is a simple plan for the type of things we built -

Tree-mendous fun for all involved - our catapult was by far the best. We took out pretty much every other group. Sometimes engineers are useful!

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