Sunday, April 05, 2009

Myers Motors - North American International Auto Show Detroit 2009 (NAIAS)

The amount of entries I have started and not finished is getting out of hand. This was one....

Myers Motors - according to their website, they are the first to come through with an affordable Lithium-powered highway speed vehicle. These days, it's harder than ever to define "affordable".

We seen the car in the "electro-basement" at the NAIAS. The car is TINY! Highway indeed - could ya imagine looking through the window at one of the hubs of a 26-wheeler? Man, I thought the Smart ForTwo was small!

I was interested in it - it looked like it had aspects of about 5 different decade in it. Unfortunately there was no-one near to ask about it.

Here's the pics:
Myers Motors Front

Myers Motors Side


The above pic pretty much sums up this year's auto show!

From Myer's website comes this one:

So the question is: Do you roll a bowling ball at them or take one home to the kids?

I shouldn't be that critical - I know very little about them and in fairness - best of luck to ya Myers!

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