Monday, December 08, 2008

57th Annual Rochester Parade 2008

Cos you never know when you're going to need an APC in Oakland Sounty....

The sheriff making a rather scary salute from his tank. And wearing a brown coat....

In the Royal Oak Parade, the Lancers drove around in little cars. Should they have had an accident, or started any trouble, the little vehicles above would have been right there! (Thanks MAC!).

Above, note the tactically camouflaged wheels. It just blended right in.

Scouts! Nooo! Run and Hide!

Holey Smokes! It was most certainly not a day to be wearing a kilt!

See, there's nothing that says Christmas in Rochester more than a gorilla on a unicycle.

In case the gorilla on the unicycle was not bizarre enough, hows about a leprechaun on a golf cart in Rochester, MI, in December!

More about the above and below pictures here

Now, one time in Fort Wayne, IN, I read about ride-on mower square-dancing. I guess this is the wheelchair equivalent

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