Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Strange night

We went to our first Wings hockey game of the season at the Joe last night. Instead of leaving being elated, or even dissappointed, we left their worried. We had really good seats too, section 222 behind the wings bench. We had seen about 12 minutes of hockey when everybody stood up. I seen Shannie waving and shouting, and people rushing around. We still were unsure what was happening. "There is somebody, number 20-something on the ground" . We started to try to work out who it was by trying to see who was still standing and eliminate . Eventually swomeone said it was Jiri Fischer.
Everyone was on their cellphones. T-Mobile let me down, i couldn't get a line. Then all the stories started. "He got hit by a puck in the throat". "He got speared in the chest". "He got slashed in the neck". More later..

Get well, Jiri.

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